Emergency Caller



  • AC Power Loss, AC Power Restored, Low Battery

  • Power Condition Voice Message in Any Language

  • Automatic Power Loss Notification – Instant or 15-Minute Delayed

  • 4 Separate Outgoing Inputs/Messages

  • Automatically Calls Up to 8 telephones, cell phones, etc.

  • Listen-In verification & communication
    Built-in Line Seizure

  • EEPROM Memory retains program despite power loss


  • 4 Separate voice message alarm zones Calls up to 8 telephones, cell phones or pagers.

  • Built-In Line Seizure.

  • Remote Turn Off feature allows termination of activated channel.

  • EEPROM Memory retains program despite power loss.

  • Listen-In verification & communication

  • Universal Dial Tone.

  • Built-In Auxiliary Output to drive external siren, strobe or relay.


  • Security system includes an arm/disarm remote pendant keychain

  • Available in cellular models 

  • Private Labeling available 

Stay Safe Fall pads provide quick signaling to alert when a patient exits the chair bed or when standing. and are available in many model  Chair (Seat), Bed and Floor.  Provide total comfort and freedom of movement. Stay Safe Pads are thin slip-resistant and Completely Waterproof!  Complete with Soft touch sensor pad cover and leads. Pads connect to existing enunciator or stay safe enunciator. Lifetime Sensor Pads are guaranteed for manufacturing defects. 

Includes Disposable Covers

Patient Alert™ Signaling Unit

Emergency Caller Products 2020

Emergency Caller™ Products, 2020